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The latest ITF trade visit organised a delegation to Metalex, Bangkok. The largest machine tool and metalworking exhibition in S.E Asia. Read about the experience of one of our exhibitors.

Lidsters were afforded the opportunity to exhibit overseas for the first time in Bangkok, Thailand at METALEX 2019 as part of a DIT/EIA sponsored group of exhibitors, and under the umbrella of Made in Sheffield.


METALEX is a machine tools and metalworking exhibition serving ASEAN which received in excess of 140,000 visitors during the four days of the exhibition.


The primary objectives of exhibiting were to raise the profile of Lidsters within South East Asia, and also, to procure the services of a distributors to service the South East Asian Markets.


These objectives were identified following attendance at a presentation which was organised by the International Trade Forum in Sheffield focusing on South East Asia and specifically Metalex, Thailand. This presentation highlighted the potential for trade within the diverse and growing ASEAN markets.

As an SME, obviously exhibiting overseas for the first time can be somewhat daunting. Lidsters received a great deal of support from the International Trade Forum in Sheffield and the Manufacturing Technologies Association prior to the exhibition. This support was especially useful in the areas of promotional materials relevant to the exhibition and advice regarding key areas to focus on in relation to providing congruent information for potential customers.

Whilst in Bangkok we were also invited to attend an event organised by the British Chamber of Commerce. Alongside providing networking opportunities, this also enabled us to meet with representatives of companies who were working within Thailand.

As a result of attending the exhibition Lidsters have identified two potential distributors in Thailand and a further distributor in New Zealand. Interest in distributing Lidster's products was also expressed by companies in China, Korea and UAE. We were also able to actively promote our company and it's products to a new market whilst at the exhibition by interacting with potential new customers.

This opportunity has not only added to our existing knowledge of exporting overseas but has certainly increased our confidence in our company and its products. Should the opportunity to exhibit abroad arise again, we would welcome it.

Last Updated: 16/01/2020
Author: Peter Edwards

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