Call for evidence to identify UK interest in existing EU trade remedy measures.

A call for evidence from the Department for International Trade (DIT) to UK producers and product users.
This consultation closes at midday on 30 March 2018

Consultation description

DIT is preparing a UK trade remedies framework in readiness for the UK leaving the EU.

In support of this, the call for evidence aims to identify which UK businesses produce goods currently subject to anti-dumping or anti-subsidy measures, or to an on-going investigation related to these.

It asks those businesses to state whether they support, are neutral to, or oppose the maintaining of those measures when the UK begins to operate its independent trade remedy framework. It asks for data about those businesses' production and sales, and total UK production and sales, to enable us to assess whether the applications meet the required criteria and can be maintained.

If a measure does not receive an application to be maintained, or does not meet the required criteria, it will be terminated once the UK begins to operate its independent trade remedy framework.

We invite other interested parties to provide relevant information for measures of interest to them. This will enable us to make an accurate assessment of applications to maintain measures.

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Last Updated: 26/02/2018
Author: Renate Halton
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