Developing Your Market in China

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The Chinese market is a collection of markets of different sizes, economy, culture and challenges.

For British companies to trade successfully with China, it is vital to have a strategy that is appropriate and effective.

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How to Protect your Intellectual Property in China

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How to get your Intellectual Property Protected in China

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Getting Paid: Finance and Money Repatriation

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Trading internationally undoubtedly requires sending and receiving money from abroad as well as filling in export documentation. Not having the necessary finance in place for your export strategy or a lack of international experience to negotiate favourable terms can often be detrimental.

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What is the Belt & Road Initiative?

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The Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) is regarded as one of the most important geopolitical and economic initiatives from China. BRI focuses on Improving and creating new trading routes, links business opportunities with China while passing through over 60 countries along the way across Asia & EMEA.

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